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Putting our shoes on, is like taking your shoes off.

We have fought for every millimeter, inspected every stitch, and used the finest materials and handmade craftsmanship available, in order to give you a fundamentally better shoe. A shoe that would allow you to perform as nature intended.


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A masterpiece of engineering.

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A few of our fans


Cara D. – Certified Personal Trainer

“I have been wearing Joe Nimble shoes for several months now and absolutely love them! The functional design is perfect for being on my feet all day as a personal trainer, and the uncompromising toe freedom and thin/flexible material has improved my training as well! The big toe is the stabilizer and anchor of the foot. Having a functional shoe has given me a better mind/muscle connection enabling me to go heavier in my squats and jump higher in my plyometric training. Thank you for such an awesome product!” 


Bretta R. – Founder Run Forefoot

"You definitely stand to benefit every time you wear the Nimble Toes because they aren’t filled with structural, techy gizmos that makes us lose strength in our feet, rather the Nimble Toes gives the feet freedom of movement and more wide-spread use which is a necessary imperative for keeping the feet functionally strong." 


Holly D. @hollapop

“My feet are my roots connecting me to the earth. In order to be healthy and free to do what I love, I have to treat my feet with care and allow them to move freely so they function as nature intended!  My Joe Nimble functional footwear combined with a routine yoga practice full of balancing and strengthening poses has allowed me to be able to hike down even the steepest mountains without pain. Free your toes and restore balance by switching to functional footwear" 


Mike Jaudes – President & Owner of The Fitness Edge


I started the Fitness Edge personal training company in 1984. I have been actively training myself and clients for 3 plus decades. Over the years, various companies have asked me to try and test products.  When asked if I would try out Joe Nimble shoes, I decided to try wearing them while training my clients and during my personal workouts. For years I have had back and foot discomfort, especially by the end of a busy week and vigorous training schedule. I have worn every brand of shoes available as I am on my feet for 12-14 hours a day. Ever since I started wearing Joe Nimble shoes my back and feet feel great even toward the end of the week! I recommend them to anyone that is an athlete, regular exerciser or during challenging weight lifting workouts!


These boots are gnar

These boots are sick. The death black leather with red laces just goes so hard. I think they’d go well with some dark brown khakis with the cuffs rolled up a bit. The lace buttons hurt when I tie them too tight but I think y’all did that on purpose so that we shoe laymen wouldn’t go and restrict the movement and blood flow of our feet (more than we already do)! All in all the shoe looks great and is allowing me to restore the functionality of my right big toe which has been aching for freedom. Thanks Joe Nimble you got a happy customer in Los Angeles - zur Freiheit

Anonymous on Sep 17, 2019

Love the roomy toe box!

I search all over and try on a multitude of casual shoes/sneakers and am happy to say these nimble toes jog are totally comfy. I only use them for walking so can't say about the jogging aspect.
I do need my own insert and it fits perfectly.
I have really lousy feet with a bunion and a hammer toe and the toe box is roomy for me and the heel fits well.
I hope this company gets more styles in the US so I can try another soon!

jill l. on Jun 01, 2019

Love! Love! Love!

This shoe is so comfortable that I can no longer make myself put on my other sneakers. I have a narrow heal but like to have more room in my toe box and these fit the bill nicely. And I love the look of these...works with my yoga gear or short summer skirts.

Annie B on Aug 29, 2018