We have fought for every millimeter, inspected every stitch, and used the finest materials on the planet in order to give you a fundamentally better shoe.

A masterpiece of engineering.

be Nimble Academy

Hand Crafted with the Finest Materials



I Love these boots!!!

Amazing ground feel, they fit so well, finally a waterproof boot that is superiorly made with zero drop and a wide toe box. I am so happy with these boots and would recommend them for anybody! 

John S. on Oct 27, 2017


I love these shoes! They are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever had on. I love that my toes have the freedom to move around and there is no heel. I wore them rock climbing a few months ago and felt like Spiderman! I am a barefoot sort of girl and this is the closest thing you can get to being barefoot while having on a closed up shoe. I am a customer for life!

Elle on Oct 31, 2017

Love! Love! Love!

This shoe is so comfortable that I can no longer make myself put on my other sneakers. I have a narrow heal but like to have more room in my toe box and these fit the bill nicely. And I love the look of these...works with my yoga gear or short summer skirts.

Annie B on Aug 29, 2017

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