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My name is Dr. Courtney Conley and I am a chiropractor based out of the beautiful mountains in Golden, Colorado specializing in foot and gait function. My passion lies in seeing people move and more importantly seeing people happy because they are moving without pain. I have been blessed to help many overcome their symptoms, and I have noticed a common theme, if there is poor foot function, movement is negatively impacted.

After moving to Colorado, I worked in several orthotic labs, wearing orthotics myself for years, however this experiences made me realize that something was missing, not only in the care of myself but how I delivered care to my patients. I never felt stable on my feet and caught myself chasing symptoms from knee pain, to hip back to back pain. After years of altering orthotics, and changing footwear, I realized that bracing the foot, was not the answer. I struggled with the concept: Why are we telling our patients with foot pain to brace the foot with an orthotic/restrictive footwear indefinitely when we would never tell our patients with low back pain to wear a back brace indefinitely. This makes ZERO sense.

As a result, I went down the slow, and often frustrating journey of eliminating orthotics and transitioning into the ‘barefoot’ world. Following the transition, things got really exciting. I was stronger, running faster, and felt more efficient. The little ‘pains’ were showing up less and less. I began incorporating barefoot exercises in my training as well as my patients’ care. What I noticed was simple: Function was improving and as a result so were mobility AND stability.

As I became more interested and excited about the results I was getting, I started assessing footwear. I soon realized that no matter how strong the foot became, shoving the foot into a shoe that limited its function was an exercise in futility.

Courtney Conley exercising in nimbleToes

The foot has over 200,000 sensory nerve endings. If we want our feet to function properly, we need access to them. We need to feel the ground. We need to be able to splay our toes. We need toefreedom®.

Enter Joe Nimble®. I came across these shoes from my relentless search for footwear allowing the foot to be a foot. From the wide toe box, the thin flexible sole, the zero drop, the durability and comfort of the shoe, this footwear simply feels good. You are stable in this shoe, you can feel the ground in this shoe, and you can be strong in this shoe.


Moving forward in my pursuit to educate the masses on healthy foot function, the passion behind this company and the product will make it an easy recommendation for footwear. Thank you Joe Nimble® for joining in the quest to make every SOLE matter. :)

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