be Nimble Starter Kit

be Nimble Starter Kit

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Being Nimble begins with a strong, stable and healthy foot!

The structure of the foot has cleverly evolved to carry the weight of the body. When your toes have sufficient room to spread, your big toe can perform its fundamental natural function to anchor and stabilize the foot and thus the entire body.

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Correct Toes - Reverse the damaging effects of footwear by putting toes in a natural functioning position.
  • Mini Blackroll - Roll out the stress and tightness in the feet to increase blood flow and movement into a more natural functional position.
  • Joe Nimble Shoe Horn - Put on your shoes without struggling to pull more room for your foot. 
  • Toe Socks - Light compression stimulates blood flow while toe separation keeps foot in a more natural position.
  • Resistance Band - use during to stretch and strengthen correcting muscle memory.

    When used with our shoes your foot will start to correct itself faster.

    Start your journey from “normal” to Nimble!

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