nimbleToes Trail - Women

nimbleToes Trail - Women

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nimbleToes Jog 1.0 - Outdoor Running/Walking/Jogging

For those outdoor runners, and others looking for a little more cushion or protection for your feet, (less ground feel) this is the shoe for you! With our unique Joe Nimble Performance Insole that mimics the anatomical properties of the body’s elastic elements this is ideal for dynamic and reactive sporting activities such as trail running and impact sports.

This running shoe is a must for anyone looking to optimize their training.  With its special construction, it offers an all-new running experience. Thanks to the innovatively constructed footbed, this vegan sports shoe is ideal for running as it provides optimal support for your foot, while still providing valuable feedback to your body (over 100k nerves/sensors in your feet that send info to the brain!). 

Key Features:

    • Toe Freedom (see below to learn more)
    • 6 mm Vibram sole with cleats (thin and flexible, ideal for sending accurate/high level of sensory feedback to your brain)
    • Performance Insole which mimics the anatomical properties of the body’s elastic elements and is ideal for dynamic and reactive sporting activities
    • Highly adaptive lacing system that supports all preferences for fit tension
    • Durable stitched upper with mesh that allows your feet to breathe whatever the activity or intensity
    • Tested and approved by Lee Saxby, world renowned running and movement coach

Joe Nimble handmade minimalist shoes are designed to put your feet into a more natural position so your whole body and life are in balance. We call it “toe freedom”. It begins with our wider toe box and zero heel which allow the toes to spread, the foot to relax and your muscles to begin to strengthen. Soon your body will discover that Leonardo da Vinci was right; the human foot really is a "masterpiece of engineering": providing a flexible and stable base of support for all human movements allowing you to be Nimble with everything life can dish out.

You will notice when you slip into a pair of Joe Nimble shoes that your toes are no longer constricted and the shoes feel looser than you are probably used to. This is totally normal. But before you know it, your feet will adjust to this new feeling and Joe Nimble will become your new favorite pair of shoes!

New to Toe Freedom? Learn more HERE!

Due to overwhelming demand some sizes will be shipped directly from our warehouse in Germany and may take 3-4 weeks...get your orders in now! 

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