Our Family


Thanks for stopping by Joe Nimble, first and foremost welcome, we are glad you are here!

My name is Sebastian Baer and I, along with my mom, dad and brother are the founders of Joe Nimble shoes. Joe Nimble came to be because my father decided one day more than 35 years ago (with zero shoe knowledge I might add) that modern shoes were being made wrong and were greatly hindering the natural movement of our feet and body as a whole. He said to himself “there has to be a better way” and he set out to hand make (we still hand stitch today) the first pair of shoes that would be designed around the shape of the foot. See here at Joe Nimble we believe our feet are one of the most important assets of our body and without proper movement and function your body cannot perform at its best.

Fast forward to today and Joe Nimble shoes are sold across the globe and we continue to save millions of toes from their future life of torture. Save your feet today

Be Nimble.