Are sizes listed in US?

Yes, all sizes on our website are listed in US sizes.

How do I determine the proper size?

Always measure the size of your feet while wearing the socks you would wear with your Joe Nimble shoes.  Make sure to distribute your weight evenly on both feet, and it is best to measure later in the afternoon as feet may swell during the day.

Step 1: Stand on a blank piece of paper.

Step 2: Hold a pen vertically to the paper, and trace around your foot.  Make sure to do both feet.

Step 3: Using a ruler, measure the length from the biggest toe to your heel.  Compare both feet to determine which foot is bigger, as the bigger foot determines the correct shoe size.

Step 4: Refer to the table below to use your measurement to find your size.

If you are unsure of your size or have any questions, please contact us at info@joenimble.com.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on your shoes?

Hand stitched seams, high-quality materials, to us, quality means Joe Nimble shoes that stay comfortable, flexible and elastic as well as stand the test of time. We have worked on this for more than 35 years so that you can enjoy toe freedom and handmade quality that lasts. Therefore, we offer a guarantee on your Joe Nimble shoes from any flaw or defect for up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

Naturally we take each guarantee claim personally. If the occasion arises, please contact us directly. You can email us at info@joenimble.com

Why do you need so much space in front of your toes?

In the morning, your foot is up to four millimeters shorter than in the evening because the muscles get tired during the course of the day and your foot gets longer as a consequence. This has to be taken into consideration. It is also important that the foot can roll naturally without any hindrances. To do this, it needs sufficient width and length. If the shoe is too tight, you can jolt the bones and cartilage in your foot. The space is also important for good circulation of the blood in your foot and for having warm feet - without any pinching


What widths do your shoes come in?

Our shoes only come in one width because they do not narrow towards the front but follow the original shape of the foot. Our shoes are specifically designed to allow your feet to fit comfortably no matter what width they are. 


Why do some of your shoes come from Germany and some come from US?

We have just recently launched in the US and in order to offer a wider variety of shoes here we pull some of the inventory from our German retail shops and warehouses.


How long has Joe Nimble been around? 

The Joe Nimble product line was introduced 5 years ago by our parent company Baer which was founded by Christian Baer more than 35 years ago!


Why are Joe Nimble shoes so awesome? :)

When you put on Joe Nimble shoes, you’ll experience a completely new and natural walking sensation, helping to promote the bodies ability to be in natural balance. Click HERE to learn more!