Functional Footwear

Our Body… An Amazing Piece of Machinery

The human body is an incredibly complex and amazing piece of machinery. As we have evolved over time we have begun to loose touch with one of the keys to getting peak performance out of our bodies… our feet! They are constantly working and sending valuable feedback to your brain in order to keep you upright. (when you stop and think about how well we balance on two feet its pretty impressive) What happens when those signals are week (can’t feel the ground) or the movement is constricted (cramped toes) so that your body can’t react and move at its optimal level. At Joe Nimble we are designing all of our shoes to get your body to perform as nature intended…

The Big Toe is a BIG DEAL.

The big toe is the anchor and stabilizer of the foot (and therefore the whole body).  It is the strongest muscle in the foot.  Modern footwear squeezes the toes (thus telling our brain our big toe has no individual function, when the exact opposite is true), raises the heel (which shortens the achilles tendon over time and puts unnecessary weight on the front of the foot) and has toe spring (the big toe is lifted of the ground, supposedly to initiate the "rolling" process, but actually what this does is to tell our brain our big toe has no individual function (AGAIN!)). Manufacturers usually do this for aesthetics (we are used to having symmetrically shaped shoes, pointed at the front) and for production efficiency reasons (asymmetrical shape is much more difficult to produce).  The stabilizing and anchoring big toe position is therefore compromised and the big toe loses part of its functionality.  The volume of the foot is always the same, so when you squeeze the foot in a tighter environment, the volume has to go somewhere.  Usually the lasts are rounded at the bottom and the volume of the foot is just pressed down (will eventually lead to pain and pressure points in the second / third / fourth metatarsal head). 

At Joe Nimble all of our shoes are made with the finest materials on the planet and designed to allow your body to function at its most optimal.